Monthly Archives: February 2015

MusicTrans 1.0.4 adds Preamp and bug fixes for Windows

MusicTrans 1.0.4A new version of MusicTrans for Desktop has been released.

Most notably in this version is a Preamp control.  Sometimes when you filter out some frequencies with the equalizer, the overall signal level goes down. Of course you can move up all the sliders to recover some power but now you only have to move the Preamp level up.  There is also a level indicator to give you a hint of how much you can push up before getting distortion.

This version also includes some fixes for the Windows platform.  Some users reported that the note analyzer was flickering, and sometimes the wave view too.  Now the flicker should have gone on those views. There is still some issues on the sliders but they will be fixed in the next version.




New installer for Ubuntu and Debian based systems

Installer for Ubuntu and Debian based Linuxes

An installer has been released for Ubuntu and Debian based systems.  This installer makes easier to enjoy MusicTrans on these Linux distributions, adding a nice icon to use with your favorite launcher, and a convenient shortcut menu to open any MP3 file with MusicTrans from your desktop.

And there is more! Because now that MusicTrans is a packaged application, your favorite Linux distribution will take care of installing the required Java Virtual Machine for you.

Of course MusicTrans for Linux will continue to be available as a .tar.gz file to be used on any Linux distribution.