Monthly Archives: May 2015

MusicTrans price drop and Windows bug fix

Yes, MusicTrans price has been dropped, both Android and Desktop versions!!

As a musician I’ve enjoyed MusicTrans a lot, and I’m sure that is an amazing tool for anyone interested in playing music, so a few weeks ago I dropped the price for the Android version. I did it quietly to see what would happen, and the response has been great!

Considering that enthusiasm, from today the price for the Desktop version has been dropped too. Now you can get MusicTrans Android or Desktop for just USD$4.99

UPDATE: This offer ended in 2015

And there is more news! The installers for Mac OS X and Windows have been improved, and you don’t need to install Java, the installer includes everything you need to run MusicTrans.

(The Ubuntu/Debian installer don’t need that, the package system will install everything for you, only the generic Linux version will need a manual installation of Java.)

Last but not least, some people running MusicTrans for Windows had a strange bug that made it freeze when trying to open a song.  That bug has been fixed in this new version (1.0.7).

Remember that you always can contact me at fcatrin gmail dot com if you need help or want to give some feedback to improve MusicTrans.